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_Simply Ferment_

Have you heard about the benefits of eating fermented foods?

Want to make your own but feel overwhelmed when recipes start mentioning starter cultures, grains or SCOBY’s?

Or put off buying products in your health food store or supermarket due to the price?

Well you don’t need to feel like that anymore.

I’ve put together an e-book of simple fermented recipes that you can start making today, cheaply and without the need for starter cultures or special equipment.

Download my e-book NOW and “Simply Ferment”

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What you’ll get –

  • An explanation of what fermenting is
  • How the probiotics (beneficial gut bacteria) in fermented foods can benefit health
  • Which foods to include that can help your gut bacteria thrive
  • Top tips on how to make safe, mould free ferments
  • A list of equipment you will need to get started
  • 6 simple fermented food/drink recipes
  • 2 bonus kimchi recipes
  • Ideas on how to include fermented foods in your daily diet
  • Access to my Facebook group where you can ask questions about your ferments
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