“Simply Ferment” On-Line Course

Learn how to make simple fermented foods on-line during live Cook-along sessions and demonstrations.

Are you ready to start making fermented foods to support your health but not sure how to make them?

I’ll show you how to make simple fermented foods at home, safely and without any fancy equipment or the need for starter grains.

Sauerkraut – Kimchi – Brined Vegetables – Beet Kvass – Preserved Lemons – Fermented Hummus

My first 4 week on-line course is starting 27th May at an introductory, one time only, low price.

Yellow sauerkraut
kimchi homemade

What you’ll learn on the course –

  • What the benefits of eating fermented foods can be and how easy they are to make
  • Why you should make your own rather than buy manufactured products
  • What equipment you will need
  • My top tips for making safe and mould free ferments
  • How to make a range of simple fermented foods
  • How to include fermented foods into your diet
  • Which foods to include that can help your gut bacteria thrive
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What you’ll get –

  • Weekly shopping list
  • Live “Cook-along” demonstrations (via Zoom) where I will be able to guide you through the process in a group video link.
  • Live demonstrations (Facebook Lives)
  • Private Facebook group to ask questions and share your fermenting progress
  • Weekly bonus recipe
  • Video recordings of live demonstrations will be available to watch in the private Facebook group

Sign up now for a one time only special price of £39 and start making simple fermented foods to support your health.

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